Over the past few years, we have seen the growing number of big trucks on roads. We use trucks for Cargo, Dumping, Garbage, Delivery, Cold Storage, Tanker, Cement & Concrete. Without Delivery Trucks we cannot shop online.  Though Trucks are key of our lifestyle. Along with the growing number of trucks we are seeing growing number of truck accidents resulting in road  fatalities. Almost All types of truck accidents cause major property damage, calamitous injuries and horrible deaths to the helpless victims.

Would you like to know what are the major truck accidents happen ?

1 Jackknife Truck Accident

Jackknifing refers to folding of a pocket knife in acute angle. If a Truck fails, the weight of the trailer pushes the body with high pressure until it turns into acute angle. This usually causes. These type of accidents usually cased when sudden breaks, equipment fails, wrecked roads and slippery Icy Roads

2 Rollover Truck Accident

A truck rolls over onto its side or top when it is crashed. Most common types are tripped and untripped. Truck Rollovers create major damage than other types of truck accidents. Tripped crashes are caused when collided with other vehicle. Untripped crashes are result of driver or vehicle failure.

3 Blind Spot Accident

 If another vehicle is not seen in mirror to truck driver while changing lines. There is a hug risk of blind spot accident. These types of truck accidents are more common and create fatal damage.

4 Wide Turn Accident

Truck trailers are huge is size, when these trucks need to take right turn. The driver first steers to left and later steers to right. While taking left the truck goes into adjacent lane making space for hitting other vehicles. While turning right driver can miss right side motorists and pedestrians causing calamitous damage. Types of Wide turns are left turn, right turn and U turns. Deadliest among these are Truck right turns.

5 Tire Blowout Accident

Tire Blowout is common for any vehicle. However Truck Tire Blowout will drive the vehicle in uncontrollable direction and cause catastrophic damage to nearby property, motorists & pedestrians.

6 Under Ride Crash

Truck under rides are most common accidents. These are caused when a smaller vehicle collides with Truck and rammed under the trailer. These are the most deadliest ones causing fatal damage to other

7 Rear-end Crash

A rear-end accident occurs when a truck crashes into the one in front of it. Due to heavy weight and size truck rear-end crashes cause major property damage even result in deaths.

8 Head On Crash

This type of accident happens When front ends of two vehicles hit each other While moving in Opposite direction. Head on collisions with Big rigs are most catastrophic damage creators to passenger vehicles resulting in major fatality.

9 Lost Cargo Load Accident

Some times truck loads fall out and cause damage to all the nearby vehicles and pedestrians. These types of accidents happens with Flatbed trucks.

10 T Bone Accident

T bone accident occurs when truck driver hits the other vehicle in middle perpendicularly.

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