We find various types of commercial trucks on U.S. roads. Trucks are designed differently as per their purpose.

Every one should know the accident prone truck types and the risk they produce to co-motorist and pedestrians.

Here are the most common accident prone truck types we find on Roads

  1. Tractor-Trailer These Trucks are also known as “semi-trailers-truck” or “ big rig” in US. These are used majorly for cargo hauling. These kind of trucks cause Jackknife & Head On accidents
  2. Dump Trucks   These trucks carry Garbage, demolition debris, sand and other construction materials. These vehicles more often move in residential areas causing huge damage when they crash. Dump Truck are highly prone to Rollover and Blind Spot
  3. Tanker Trucks  These vehicles are designed to carry liquefied or gas loads. These trucks are extremely dangerous when leaked. These tankers cause Jackknife, Rollovers, Head On Accidents
  4. Flatbed Trucks These trucks have long flat trailer with no sides or roof. These type of trucks allows for quick and easy loading of cargo. These trucks cause Under Ride Crashes
  5. Tow Trucks A tow truck also called a breakdown truck is used to move disabled, improperly parked and new motor vehicles. These are mostly heavy vehicles and cause Jackknife accidents and Under Ride
  6. Cement Mixer Trucks Cement trucks are also known as concrete trucks. Cement trucks generally weigh between 20K – 30K pounds and carry approximately 40K pounds of concrete. These truck overturns are extremely dangerous for other vehicles. 
  7. Garbage Trucks Garbage trucks are designed specifically for the purpose and ad are unique in design. These are mostly sited in residential areas and are most dangerous for the motorists and pedestrians who move in proximity to these Trucks. Garbage trucks pose high risk of blind spots & rollovers.

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